We covered what?!?!

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  I’ve been in a few bands that would do cover songs. In one band we did very few and in another, that’s all we did. I was also in a band where we did a few Nevermore covers and Warrel Dane himself almost came onstage to jam the songs with us! Needless to say, […]

The End of Innocence…

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What is it about our emotions that causes us to build up walls around our hearts? We tend to keep people away, even when we truly need someone. We convince ourselves that we’re better off alone to work through it without the help from anyone. It’s so hard to say how we truly feel. Even […]

The road ahead….

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The road ahead is long and dark, but there’s always a light. Even if it’s just the smallest of specks, it’ll always shine through the darkness. This is where my story begins: on that very dark road, searching for the light.  I was always into music; trying to find that spark was a challenge, though. […]