Left to right: Shane Baker, TJ Richardson, Kane Bochatyn

Salvation’s End is a power metal band that utilizes progressive and death metal elements. They showcase a darker atmosphere with guitar-driven melodic instrumentation, powerful and gritty vocals, and arrangements influenced by melodic death metal.

The band’s unique sound comes from a variety of inspirations, combining melodic roots seen in the work of Obscura, Arch Enemy, and Death with progressive passages like Nevermore, Symphony X, Nocturnal Rites, and Dream Theater. This is reflected in the versatility of their song structures as well as the dynamics between lead and rhythm.

Salvation’s End released their debut album “The Divine Wrath of Existence” on September 22nd, 2018 and has captured the attention of metal fans worldwide. In the words of reviewers, Salvation’s End “bridges the worlds of melodeath and progpower, and does so with an innate sense of purpose, and should likely appease fans of both genres.” Work is currently underway on their sophomore effort for global release.