“Crushing riffs, blazing solos, and some of the best clean vocals to hit the progressive metal scene in years!”

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“Salvation’s End deliver an album that is coherent and professional sounding in every aspect. Those into epic, symphonic-laced progressive metal tunes are in for a real treat here.” -Rocking Charts
“Salvation’s End are a truly impressive act, and the fact that I find myself so endeared to them all things considered should be a testament to their strength as an act.”  – Progstravaganza
“The solid rhythm section makes the compositions sound so god-damn heavy all the way giving the sense that they could have been in Priest’s new album.” – Guitar-Sphere


As one reviewer said “The Divine Wrath of Existence, is a powerful and engaging slice of progressive metal, heavy on instrumental virtuosity, memorable neo-classical melodies, and epic arrangements.” Salvation’s End sets themselves apart from the pack of progressive metal, rejecting the current trend of djenty riffs and metalcore vocals. Instead, the band’s debut is packed to the brim with pure metal aggression, neoclassical attitude, and some of the best clean vocals to hit the prog-metal scene in years. If you miss the crushing sound of bands like Nevermore, this just might be one of your new favorite bands!

Crushing riffs, heavy song structures, emotional lyrics, and powerful melodic vocals. Put that all together, and you have the band that’s catching the attention of progressive metal lovers worldwide!

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